woensdag 29 september 2010

Coffee Company @ Haarlemmerdijk & Binnen Oranjestraat

In Amsterdam, coffee company has been rapidly expanding before the *$$$ juggernaut lands in the city. (During last year they have opened at the airport and various train stations.) I think the original coffee company is the one I frequent on the Haarlemmerdijk (the street that has become Amsterdam's foodie-heaven, but still has a full complement of ordinary, high quality shops); it's been open for just over a decade. The coffee has a high average quality, and they keep trying to get the snacks right (still work in progress). They cut down on the free wifi, and now one gets an hour with a coffee order. Not generous, but still workable.

THis is definitely place for people watching. The area has gentrified, but is still a cross-roads for lots of bike and walking traffic in and out of town. There is a big long table along big tall windows, and lots of creative industry types, a few day-traders, and students share view(s). I have met a few damn good logicians, too. For out of towners, who don't like the club scene, this is even a place to start a social life, or get a lot of work done. On week-ends it gets too busy, but it stays open until 7pm most days of the year.

Grotere kaart weergeven
For food...a block down there is a very small Iranian sandwhich store with the best (Mediterranean spreads in town); and very cheap. Yummy!