vrijdag 2 juli 2010

One of my faves...and its neighbor

Letting is in de Prinsenstraat 3, one of the charming nine streets, in between the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht. During the morning the small terrace catches sun (when it's not raining).

Inside it can get crowded over lunch and brunch especially on week-ends (especially because they are very child-friendly), but otherwise it has a shabby chic atmosphere. The two owners Nicolette & Inge (get it?) brew the best Dutch coffee (Boot Gold, I think) in generous portions which they serve with addictive home baked cookies. They have free wifi, which they turn on upon request. (Yeah, somewhat weird.) They make excellent home-baked cakes (try the carrot cake! and -- for non purists -- the cheese cake) and I adore their eggs over easy (not on menu) and their fried cheese sandwiches ("tostis") are a great bargain. The burgers and salads are all terrific. Secret fact: the owners also run a great pancake house a few blocks down.

Downside: since the start of the financial crisis, they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; on other days they close up at 5pm, which seems a bit early. Upside: unhurried and genuinely welcoming atmosphere.
The star of the show is the only full time employee: Dennis,.

Across the street, Vennington, which catches the afternoon sun at its terrace, serves the very best club sandwich in Amsterdam. Their warm sandwiches are generally very tasty. Unfortunately, the coffee is decidedly mediocre. Some folk like the two male owners quite a bit, but I have noticed they have a tendency to leave their garbage in front of Letting (which bespeaks a mean streak). They do serve very good shakes. But no wifi. Better place to read than to write.

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